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Interested in hosting your event with our very flexible event registration system (FRS)? Please send us your request.

TangoFRS is an event registration system (FRS) offering an unmatched set of features that will make your event registration process into a breeze. TangoFRS is built on a powerful engine that requires no programming and puts non-technical users of the system in charge of creating event passes, processing registrations and managing event schedule.

Here are some of the key highlights of what TangoFRS has to offer:

  • Pass/Package Builder. Puts event organizer into a control seat enabling them to compose various passes/packages using a simple pass builder tool. Passes can be composed on such criteria as couples-only, leaders-only, followers-only, 4 different skill levels, and more.
  • Addons. Enables to sell additional items in addition to your event passes/tickets. Increase revenue for your event by introducing donations, badges, photo packages, t-shirts and more. The feature is built with basic inventory management.
  • Fees. Provides event organizers with a simple mechanism to charge credit card fees based on event and passes. The tool allows creating additional mandatory fees like parking fees, badge fees, cancellation fees and more.
  • Export everything. Get your all your event data out of the engine into Excel-like files: user accounts, orders, passes, instructors, class/event schedule and more.
  • Class Invitations. Finally, there is a event registration system that empowers your event attendees to invite their partners to join classes. The system shields event organizers from many headaches of partnering your attendees up.
  • Login with Facebook & Google. Your attendees can sign up for your event using their Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Reports. Generate a printer-friendly schedule of your event right outside the engine. Other reports include Class Reservations, User Schedule & Packages Bought.
  • Waiting lists. When classes are unavailable your attendees can add themselves to waiting lists. The system notifies them when a vacancy opens up.

In the nutshell TangoFRS is the event registration system you have been waiting for.

host my event with TangoFRS!

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